Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Benny Lynch Story

Taking a break from the restoration work at Cathkin to launch our first theatre production, THE BENNY LYNCH STORY on a nationwide tour over the next 6 weeks. The brilliant cast of Stephen Purdon, Holly Jack, Billy MacBain, Paul Kelvin, Clare Gray & Cammy Fulton have been hard at work in the rehearsal room getting the show ready, under the brilliant direction of Steven Duffy.

Having started working on this idea in 2012, it is a real thrill to finally see our own version of Benny's life brought to the stage with this wonderful & talented ensemble cast and all of the hard work has paid off as we launched into our tour with the premiere in the beautiful Ayr Gaeity Theatre on Saturday. With the script by Davie Carswell, Stage Manager Kat Siebert and our ASM Andy, we had

the most amazing opening night, culminating in a full house and a much-deserved standing ovation!! A dream start to this tour and please check out our website for venue & ticket details for the remaining 8 venues here

We are hoping to raise more funds through future tours to help restore Cathkin Park and support the Statue For Benny Appeal and were honoured to have members of the group with us at Ayr, including Steph Bradley who brought along Benny's own watch! Huge thanks to the Statue Group for these

photos and for their help & support in the writing and research process last year. We are back in Ayrshire this week again with another show at Kilmarnock Palace Theatre and hope to see you there! We have been inundated with stories, memories, tales & some amazing photographs of The Little King Of The Gorbals throughout the last 3 weeks and it is fitting that our company is named after the football ground in which he fought successfully on 5 occasions.

Also this month we were delighted to welcome former Celtic stars Bobby Petta and Rudi Vata along with James English and Tommy Sheridan & Paul John Dykes to star in a photo shoot to promote the ACSOM podcast's sponsorship of the Celtic Greats shirts this season. Thanks to Stephen Cameron

and Into Creative for a memorable day and for Jim & Kenny at the Jimmy Johnstone Academy for their hospitality once again in the Pavilion. We will be returning to the ground later next month to continue the terracing work and will post more updates on this tour and upcoming productions in the weeks and months ahead.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Restoration - Week 40

Lovely weather again this week and cracked on with the stone cleaning on the East terracing, managing to clean & refill another two 1/3 terrace steps with red blaes. Removed another ten buckets of spoil from this terrace this week and almost finished this 1/3rd section of the ground.

The slow work this week has been chopping out and digging up the deep roots left by the removed small trees between the missing concrete, but pleased to say we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Obviously we are only a year in to the work and have a mountain to climb but the work is

now quite obviously improving the old ground. We also worked hard on reducing and flattening out the running track and cleared around another 20 feet of it and brought it back down 2 inches to it's original level. This will be rolled and packed hard before we can resurface it lightly but it is much

much improved already this year. Also began trimming the edges of the playing surface to define it properly and cut away the weeds and line out a natural drainage level below the grass for rainwater to escape into which should really help the pitch recover after bad weather. This has pooled here in

recent years and become overgrown and exacerbated the waterlogging of this part of the pitch in recent years, turning it into a bog and the aim is to dry out the pitch as much as we can naturally by restoring the original levels of both the playing surface and the surrounding track.

As you can see above this is looking much better and becoming a much safer surface for runners as we go along. Then it was back to the stone cleaning as the weather dried up and restored another couple of terrace steps this week. Lots of hours put in this month already but getting results now!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Restoration - Week 39

Squeezed in another few hours this week and got another 1/3 section of the East Terracing cleaned up and refilled with red blaes and almost finished this first part of the old knackered terrace! Only 3 more steps to clear before we move up the terrrace and start the restoration of the existing stonework.

Grafted hard on the running track as well and delighted to report we have now cleared a complete 50 foot section of the 400ft running track, which has been levelled and packed over the last 3 months.

And also cleared another 12ft of pitch wall now in the East end of the ground, removed more rubbish and made a start on another section. Aiming to complete this whole section by the end of the summer!

New Trailer Released!

Delighted to share the full trailer for our upcoming tour of THE BENNY LYNCH STORY..! Watch it here: and check out the website for all ticket details here:

Wednesday, February 27, 2019



Thanks to George Mair for the following images and for joining us at Cathkin and Morrison's Gym for the shoot of our first Trailer which you can view here. We owe a massive debt of thanks to

the Jimmy Johnston Academy for allowing us the use of their pavilion building at Cathkin Park last Sunday to set up, make up and relax in between takes and they were brilliant hosts and our cast and crew were very impressed with the memorabilia on show there & the whole set-up.

With Benny Lynch having fought 5 times at Cathkin in the 1930s and indeed regularly training there with his coach and mentor Sammy Wilson, filming at the ground gave the film an authenticity and historical background to the story behind Scotland's Greatest Ever Boxer. And our sincere thanks to Christine and Alex at Morrison's Gym for their hospitality, humour and support of our film and we

loved shooting the 'ring' scenes at the gym. This is the first in a series of trailers and there are still tickets left for each of the 14 venues on our tour in 2019 and you can find all of the Venues and Dates at our website

Restoration - Week 38

Spent this week levelling and clearing the East running track and making a start on the other side of the surrounding pitch wall and as you can see it is already paying off. By the end of March we should have a full section of track restored and all of the pitch wall cleaned up along this East section of

the old ground. Again we are focusing on this end of the stadium as it still requires the most work and is the most 'at risk' part of Cathkin Park. Even an ancient ruin requires maintenance in order to preserve it for the future and this section of terracing, wall and track will occupy our efforts for the

next year, whilst we try and generally clear up the rest of the park and raise funds and interest in rebuilding a decent brick pavilion building pitchside and hopefully enclosing the pitch at some point to stop vandalism to the playing surface. But very pleased with how much we are getting done with this lovely mild weather! Also nice to chat to MSP James Kelly at the ground this month and to

discuss our work so far and future ideas for the ground in future.and thanks to Kenneth Watt for the photo here. Also took a trip to BBC Radio Scotland with Stephen Purdon to chat about about our CPL tour of in May & June 2019 and thanks to OFF THE BALL presenters Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove for having us on. Photo courtesy of BBC Scotland below. You can

listen back here : OFF THE BALL and a massive thanks to George Mair for his nationwide press coverage this Sunday in The Sunday Mail, Mail On Sunday, Scottish Sun, Sunday Express and Sunday Post for our tour. We shot a trailer for the show at Cathkin Park last Sunday and thanks to George for the photo below.

So another busy old week at the ground and hopefully we will sell all of the seats for the tour and generate some funds for the continued restoration work of this wonderful old ghost stadium...

Friday, February 8, 2019

Restoration - Week 37

Weather been Hellish of late but still managed another 2 weeks of graft at Cathkin. Horrible, dirty and unglamorous work but necessary and every day a little improvement is evident. With the ground frozen hard we turned again to cleaning the concrete pitch wall, cleaning and scrubbing down years 

of growth but it is restoring well, but still too cold and wet to start repainting. We moved 100 buckets of earth this week from the terracing and running track and the work to level this important aspect of the stadium has been tough-going! Tyre marks, ruts and moss have ruined the top layer, rendering it

unsafe to run on and thus the ground has lost a valuable asset. We are cutting it down 2 inches all round the pitch and defining the borders which should enable the pitch to dry out better as the water will run into the lower level of the track, as it used to be.

We have cleared 70 feet of this track now but with the frost it has been the stuff of nightmares this last 10 days. As the photos here show the track below is in firmer condition which we are packing hard and will then resurface with fresh blaes in the summer months.

The trees are now all bare of leaves and this is my favourite time of year to work at the park as you can clearly see exactly what remains of the terracing and can get a real feel for how the ground once looked. Also this week we were sent some amazing press reports and sketches of how the stadium

looked when Alloa Athletic were the first team to grace New Cathkin Park when Thirds took over the ground in 1903. Every week another little bit of this old ground's amazing history pops up and we are condensing all of this information into a souvenir book which is being written up at the moment.

The Benny Lynch Story

Taking a break from the restoration work at Cathkin to launch our first theatre production, THE BENNY LYNCH STORY on a nationwide tour over ...